Visualisation of London Cycle Hire Flows

February 21, 2012 Comments Off on Visualisation of London Cycle Hire Flows

The London Cycle Hire scheme has docking stations across the inner city where bicycles can be picked up and returned. Their system records the time of checkout and return, along with a docking station identifier.

The video below visualises these flows. The focus is on the local density of cycling activity, and on docking station activity (checkouts and returns) over time. It e.g. shows clearly that activity in the morning hours is predominantly constituted of cycle trips from outer city areas to the centre.

  • Bike stand size: estimated inventory; or rather, cumulative growth since start of day: all incoming minus all outgoing bikes.
  • Bike stand hue: gain/loss of bicycles within the last ~2h (green: gain, red: loss, yellow: no change.)

The Processing source is on GitHub.


Eye Candy: Cellular Automaton

February 3, 2012 Comments Off on Eye Candy: Cellular Automaton

A simple 1D CA. Starts with a random seed, then continues to produce new generations until encountering a repetition of an old state. Rinse, repeat. Sadly no indication that it may exhibit “Rule 110“-style behaviour.

The Processing source, as usual, is on GitHub.

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