Hello. I’m @dekstop.

I am a graduate student at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, a world-class research centre at University College London. They have an excellent MRes programme, led by an interdisciplinary team of researchers and practitioners, and grounded in CASA’s diverse spectrum of research activities. I’m enchanted by the rare combination of rigorous science, playful use of new technologies, and plenty of scope to make your own things happen.

On this site you’ll mostly find “play”, as you have likely already discovered yourself.

Previously I built “big data” infrastructure for Last.fm where I helped find meaning in inconceivable volumes of data. Doing that for a few years will teach you all about our seeming inability to visualise data without introducing new lies. Getting it right is hard work.

In my research I’m looking at collective sensor networks, where distributed communities take environmental measurements with electronic sensors and publish the data online. I’m curious about the impact they have on our experiences and perspectives; about their ability to enhance or replace existing data sets; and about their motivations and organisational structures.

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